Pawnshop Pulse Check: Cathy Gish

So to me Pawnshop Pulse Check asks, “How are the store and staff doing?”

Checking Your Store

I would say a good measurement is where is your loan balance now that tax season is behind us. Are you back to where you were before the income tax drop? If so, I think you are headed in the right direction.

I also think higher gas prices affect our customers disposable income and might strengthen loan growth through the summer months.

Checking Your Staff

As for staff, with low unemployment numbers (personally I think that is made up but, whatever), it will be increasingly important to do those things to build and maintain a strong team. Actively recruit people who are already working, and you can see in action.

Get out and find people who give good customer service and can understand our business. Have weekly meetings with your staff to show them the difference. Show them you are interested in them being successful with you!  


*Cathy Gish has 15+ years in the pawn business. She graduated with honors, from Texas A&M with a bachelors in Business Administration. She is a HRCI certified Human Resource Professional, Society for Human Resource member, and San Antonio HR Management member and mentor.