Pawnshop Academy 201

Pawnshop 201 continues to build upon the foundation laid out in the 101 course with more detailed training for your Pawn Specialists.

The 201 course expands upon some of the fundamentals of the 101 course to give you Pawn Specialists the edge at the loan counter and explains more of the ‘why’ of the fundamentals. Giving your employees a clear understanding of why they do what they do. Once your employees have the why, they will be more effective at explaining programs, loans, and options to customers. Making them better offer solutions for you customers while they increase your bottom line and make better loan decisions.

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$299.99 Per Student
30-day course

(students have 30 days to complete training)

Train each of your employees for only $299.99! PSA 201 gives them access to 17 videos that cover a wide range of topics that include:

  • More focused jewelry training
  • The power of saying YES to customers
  • Elevating the customer experience
  • More detailed explanation of different pawnshop programs
  • Selling the Warranty Program to customers to increase your bottom line
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The Referral Program – Basic Overview

Referrals are the most effective form of advertising and is the life-blood of most small businesses. It is vital that employees understand what the Referral program is and how it works so they can properly position and coach customers into promoting your business for free to their friends and family.

Video length 4:48


Gold – Digging Deeper

In this video, we dive deeper into gold to learn more about its legendary properties. The more your employees know about gold the better they will interact with it at the sales counter and loan counter. We cover the elements that make up gold and cover the different gold stamps. Lastly, we review the different ways to test gold for authenticity.

Video Length: 3:50


The Power of Saying YES!

The most important word to say to customers, YES! Employees learn about the power and tone that saying yes to customers set for the interaction. Even when delivering bad news, you can say yes to your customer. Teaching the power of yes to employees will give them the ability to always have a customer leave satisfied, even if they didn’t get a loan or purchase and item.

Video Length: 4:24


The Art of Describing Items for a Loan

Proper item descriptions for loans are extremely important. Improperly describing an item can cause huge problems for you, the pawn specialist, customer, and your pawnshop. This video covers what employees should be collecting about the items the are writing up for a loan. Whether it be: a gun, a tool, a handbag, jewelry, or electronics, we cover it in this video.

Video Length: 6:04

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Cleaning Jewelry

This video covers some simple practices and good habits to keep jewelry looking like new.

Video Length: 4:06


Being Present with your Customer

Learn the basics of what it truly means to be present with the customer in front of you. Customer service requires employees to engaged and focused on the customer in front of them. Employees will learn why they don’t want to keep their phone in their pocket while working, having proper pacing with a customer, and staying present to ask good probing questions.

Video Length: 5:01


The Referral Program

Employees learn the time-tested way to get referrals from customer to increase their sales and loan numbers without having YOU spend any more money on advertising. We’ve talked about the Referral Program in the past. But now the employee should fully understand that asking for Referrals isn’t just good for your business. But also his own personal gains for having more customers ask for them by name.

Video Length: 4:18


Diving Deeper into Warranties

Pawn Specialists learn how to look at warranties from the perspective of a customer to better understand why customer are telling them NO when they offer the warranty program in your store.

Video Length: 4:42


Phone Etiquette

Speaking on the phone might seem like a simple thing to do. But speaking with a customer over the phone is very different from speaking with a customer right in front of you. Teach your employees the proper phone etiquette skills to properly assist customers on the phone.

Video Length: 4:11


The Layaway Program – Basic Understanding

The layaway program is vital to helping customers get products they want but don’t have the cash today. In this video a cover what the layaway program is and it’s benefits to the store.

Video Length: 5:35


How to Use the Layaway Program

We go into more detail about setting down payments and teach your employees how to maximise the layaway program. The better your employee understands the program and how it benefits them, the more they will sell the layaway program to your customers to get merchandise moving in the store.

Video Length: 4:02


The Power of a Warm Welcome

Is greeting customer important? You better believe it’s important! In this video we cover the power a warm welcome to employees. Understanding that the stage for each customer is experience is set by them being greeted. Don’t let any customer go without a warm welcome.

Video Length: 4:24



In this video we cover the basics of birthstones. They may not have much value, but having your employees understand where they came from and what colors correspond to what months will make them more effective at the sales counter. Your employees will be able to make recommendations to customers who are just shopping or unsure of what kind of ring to get for their special some one.

Video Length: 5:07


Giving a Store Tour

Giving a store tour isn’t vital to the survival of your pawnshop. But it can make a huge impact on the way your customers view your pawnshop. After offering a warm welcome, giving new customers a store tour will show how much you care about your customer. Giving them a true experience they will most likely not get from any other pawnshop. Setting your store apart from other pawnshops in your area.

Video Length: 4:32


Diamonds Closer Inspection

We go into more detail in this video about Diamonds. Discovering where they came from, the four Cs, how to explain the value of diamonds to customers, and justifying the price. Making your employees more effective at the jewelry sales counter.

Video Length: 6:12


The Power of WOW

People are drawn to excitement and passion. The power of WOW! It’s about creating an atmosphere and tone for your store that keeps bringing customers back to your store. Pawnshops have a bad reputation for being dark places and having employees who are less than friendly. Change that! By having your employees use the power of WOW to impress customers and give them an experience they will never forget. No matter what their situation is, you can get customers to leave with a smile and promote your business to their friends and family.

Video Length: 5:36

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