Pawnshop Pulse Check: Cathy Gish

So to me Pawnshop Pulse Check asks, “How are the store and staff doing?” Checking Your Store I would say a good measurement is where is your loan balance now that tax season is behind us. Are you back to where you were before the income tax drop? If so, I think you are headed […]

Goal Planning and Tracking – Getting Started

In the pawn business, it is easy to get stuck in the “motions of the day.” Open up your store, write loans, make transactions, balance your cash drawers, clean up your shop, close up and do it all over again. How do you break that monotony while being productive? Set yourself some goals!   Setting […]

Being Consistent – Greeting Customers

Greeting each other is one of the fundamentals of communication and the beginning to a positive interaction. Through this, we can connect on a more personal level. Engaging someone without a greeting would seem intrusive, nasty and even negative. But with a warm and sincere greeting, people are more prone to open up, bring down […]