About Pawnshop Academy

Ever wish you could be in more than one place at a time? Now, you can! Pawnshop Academy trains your employees to your exacting specifications, creating the employees you want: Pawn Specialists just like you! At Pawnshop Academy, we know that a Pawn Specialist is different from a pawnbroker, so that’s all we produce.

Our Goals

We have one goal at Pawnshop Academy: to create Pawn Specialists. Pawnshop Academy produces an endless stream of custom videos that cover more than just the basics of new employee development. As your team members grow in skill, dota 2 betting Pawnshop Academy’s videos bring them seamlessly and painlessly to the next level. 

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Pawnshop Academy’s mission is simple: to transform the pawn industry and its image, through FOCUSED Specialist training. We lay down the basic foundation for excellent customer service, rapidly creating effective profit-earning team members from green hires. 


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Why Choose Us

  • Focused Training for Pawnshops
  • Short and Easy to Follow Videos
  • Lets you focus on making more money
  • 20 Video Pawnshop 101 Series
  • Create effective profit-earning Pawn Specialists

The first-rate leadership team behind Pawnshop Academy has been turning out multi-talented Pawn Specialists, skilled in customer service, sales, inventory, and writing loans since 1993. We’ve opened and grown some of the largest and most successful pawnshops in over 100 locations in Texas, Mississippi, and North Carolina. Our growth rates are among the highest in the industry with over $25 million dollars in annual revenue!

Pawnshop Academy provides you with a stream of engaging & original videos that quickly train your new hires and bring your trusted employees’ games to the next level.  “Pawnshop 101” specialist training films deliver a one-two knockout punch to your training program! We cover:

  • Respect for the lending tradition and an understanding of your specialists’ role in the process
  • The foundations for delivering excellent customer service
  • How to determine item value
  • How to test gold and diamonds, as well as other items, for authenticity
  • Methods for avoiding over-loaning

Having a dedicated resource for your training is a necessity in today’s fast-paced and globally connected world. Today’s customers expect a level of service similar to a specialty store or in a boutique. Pawnshop Academy’s “Now You Know” and “Pawnshop 101” videos are continually updated series. “Now You Know” helps Pawn Specialists like you keep abreast of trends and provides the latest information about the ever-changing products that are coming into your stores. Our “Pawnshop 101” provides specialist content that brings your new hires along quickly, but methodically. Your employees can review successfully completed material at any time, but must successfully pass our rigorous test before moving on to new material.

Pawnshop Academy’s mission is simple: to transform the pawn industry and its image one Pawn Specialist at a time. We effectively lay down the basic foundation for excellence in customer service, creating effective profit-earning Pawn Specialists from green hires in no time!

At Pawnshop Academy, we’re proud of our lending tradition and have confidence that together we can show the public our best face. We do this through focused training, producing Pawn Specialists who have the knowledge required to create loyal customers. You know and we know that happy, satisfied customers do your best marketing: word of mouth! Together, Pawnshop Academy and YOU will lead our esteemed industry in lending into the 21st century and beyond!

Pawnshop Academy designed a course specifically with the new hire in mind called Pawnshop 101. This easy-to-follow course consists of 20 videos that range in topics from testing gold jewelry to customer service techniques. We methodically and rigorously test each specialist before progressing them to the next level of excellence. Review this material with your team at any time when you feel they’d benefit from a little fine-tuning.