Ready to jumpstart your new hires or get your current employees the training they need to be successful in the ever changing Pawn Industry? Pawnshop 101 will get your employees acquainted with understanding their new role in the pawn business, get the history behind the pawn business, and give them some healthy work habits to follow that will make you a successful Pawn Specialist.

We have created this training program to help your employees reach their full potential in the pawn business and give them the tools to be successful in any job or role later in life. Learning to be best they can be is an ongoing process and it must nourished.

Pawnshop 101 lays down the foundation for your employees to make more revenue for your store and deliver excellent customer service.

A great welcome series for anyone who is new or old to the pawn industry. We introduce the employees to Pawnshop 101 and the Pawn business. This is their first taste of what the Pawn business is like. They learn the importance of security, general workplace advice, and how a pawnshop lays out its merchandise.

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$299.99 Per Student
30 day course

(students have 30 days to complete training)

Train each of your employees for only $299.99! PSA 101 gives them access to 20 videos that cover a wide range of topics that include:

  • Customer Service Basics
  • Loan Counter Basics
  • Pawnshop Workings
  • Sales
  • Jewelry
  • Pawnshop Safety
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1.1 Introduction to Pawnshop Academy

We layout what your employees will learn in this video and explain how the program works.

Video length 2:42


1.2 Welcome to the Pawn Business

The pawn business has been around for about 3,000 years and isn’t going anywhere! Your employees will learn about their role in the pawnshop and understand how we have broken the information up to a step-by-step process for them!

Video Length: 2:31


1.3 General Workplace Advice

Your employees will learn some tips, advice, and good habits to develop to help them become the most successful Pawn Specialist possible.

Video Length: 4:15


2.1 Greeting Customers

Your employees will learn the steps they need to take when they greet your customers. From saying hello within 5 seconds of a customer walking in the door to learning about what it means to use empathy with your customers and to walk in their shoes.

Video Length: 5:32

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2.2 Understanding Customers

You employees will discover why the customer is #1 to you and your team and how to assess customers quickly. Studying someone’s body language will give your employees insight on how to treat customers and handle their attitude.

Video Length: 3:44


3.1 Buys vs. Loans

Your employees will learn the fundamental differences of a buy (or purchasing an item from a customer) and writing a loan for a customer. Both these actions are similar but have different effects on your business. We go over in detail how to determine if a customer is there to get a loan or if the customer is really there to sell their item. Understanding these differences will give your employee the ability to properly help customers and maximize revenue for your store.

Video Length: 6:46


3.2 Determining Value

Your employees will learn how to determine an item’s value with no knowledge of how much a product is actually worth. In this video we show them some simple tools that can help them determine a particular item’s value. From walking the floor to using the in-store database, they’ll learn the practices that help make them an effective Pawn Specialist at the loan counter and offer customers a fair price on their items.

Video Length: 6:11


3.3 Writing Loans

In this video we take a look at all the details that go into writing a loan. The pawn business is heavily regulated, so it is important that Pawn Specialists write loans correctly. Collect all necessary information about the item and the customer. Equally as important as collecting the information, employees must properly explain the loan to the customer so they are not confused as to how to redeem their merchandise.

Video Length: 7:05


4.1 Store Merchandise & Layout

The layout of a pawnshop is crucial for many different reasons. Pawn Specialists need to know where items are located to quickly assist customers if you want them to be a successful. Also, knowing where to place certain items is important if you want them be seen and sold quickly.

Video Length: 4:07


4.2 Pulls

The customer forfeited the merchandise and it is now ready to come out for sale. This is the part of the loan cycle where you find the correct item, clean it, price it, and then place it out for sale. If any of the steps are done incorrectly you could have some major problems. Lets learn how to properly pull an item and place it out for sale.

Video Length: 3:42


4.3 Renewals, Extensions, and Redemptions

Customers have a few options when it comes to picking up their pawned merchandise.  A Pawn Specialist must be able to properly facilitate each of the options and explain them properly to the customer so they can make the best decision for themselves. We’ll teach you the different options you can offer a customer and how each of them works in the pawnshop.

Video Length: 5:17


4.4 Layaways

One of the best selling tools for a pawn specialist is the layaway program. This allows the customer to purchase items by placing them on hold to pay them over time. It is an option for customers who don’t have the cash today to pickup, but will have it very soon. Your employees will learn how the layaway program works and why it’s great for customers.

Video Length: 2:19


5.1 Sales

Sales are just one of the many hats you will wear when you’re a Pawn Specialist. In this section we introduce your employees to understanding who the most important person in the store is and how to use the 60 second walk, talk and learn sales technique. they’ll learn that customers don’t buy merchandise with logic, but with emotion. So put on your sales hat and get ready to learn.

Video Length: 4:34


5.2 Features & Benefits

In this section you will learn about the differences between features and benefits. They might seem like the same thing but they are quite different. Employees will learn how to assist customers by discovering what their needs are and fitting the product into their life.

Video Length: 5:31


6.1 Gold Stamp

Reading the stamp on the gold allows you to know what materials were used to make the jewelry. This video covers the instruments your Pawn Specialist will use, what the stamps mean, and they should avoid.

Video Length: 3:35


6.2 Testing Gold

Testing gold is an important and vital skill for a Pawn Specialist.
Here they will learn some of the testing methods, appropriate techniques, and instruments for testing gold.

Video Length: 4:36


6.3 Diamond Basics

Diamonds are a big part of our culture. This section will cover the four “C’s” of a diamond, and the basic parts of a diamond.

Video Length: 5:09


6.4 Diamond Testing and Presenting

Now is the time to take your jewelry knowledge and apply it to testing and presenting diamonds to customers. Understand the tools in your Pawn Specialist tool box to test and present diamonds.

Video Length: 6:12


7.1 Firearm Safety

Having firearms in your store carries great responsibility. In this section we will cover the rules and laws that are in place to keep you, your coworkers, and your customers safe.

Video Length: 3:54


7.2 Loss Prevention & Pawnshop Safety

Loss Prevention and Pawnshop Safety covers guidelines that will help keep you, your coworkers and the merchandise safe!

Video Length: 4:24

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