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Product training is one of the most important and biggest challenges Pawnshops face. The world of products and their trends are ever changing in today’s light speed paced. We are continually developing new videos with that act as a resource for you employees to get to understand these products better. Making them more effective at the loan counter.

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How to remove and check for a password at the loan counter

Don’t get caught with a computer coming out for sale with a password on it and determine ownership of a computer by asking the customer to remove the password on the computer before taking it in for a loan. Learn how easy it can be to save yourself from headaches later on!


TV Tech

This video covers some the tech lingo that your employees need to understand when it comes to making a decision on how much to loan on a TV and will help your employees drastically increase their ability to close more TV sales.


Gibson Guitars

Learn what makes these iconic guitars worth thousands of dollars. You’re employees will be able to easily tell a fake Gibson Les Paul the next time someone brings one in for a loan.


GoPro Hero 3

A quick video on how to identify what version of GoPro Hero 3 you have at the loan counter. A small but easily identifiable way to find out which version you have in front of you is right here!


Remove iCloud from Apple iDevices

Removing iCloud accounts from Apple devices is vitally important. If not done, the device can not be sold to another individual. Leaving you with a paperweight. Apple takes security very seriously… so serious that if you don’t get the customer to remove their iCloud account information at the loan counter, you’ll never be able to see the device. Learn how to remove the iCloud account before taking in any iDevices from a customer.


How to a spot genuine Rolex

 This video will help your employees spot a genuine Rolex watch when it comes in to the store. By looking at the small details of this high-end watch, you’ll be able to spot the knock offs easily.


Reset a computer back to factory settings

You would never want to put a customers computer out for sale with their personal information on the computer. It’s just poor customer service! In this video we show you how to restore a computer back to factory settings. This takes the laptop back to it’s original state when it was first purchased. Leaving it ready for a new owner.


How to properly use a Multi-Tester

In this video we cover the Do’s and Don’ts of how to use a multi-tester properly . It may seem like a simple tool, but unless you test properly, you could be getting false results that lead to bad loans on diamonds at the loan counter.


Authenticate Louis Vuitton Monogram Purses

Learn about the characteristics that make this iconic bag so valuable and desirable across the world. Understanding some basics to this high end brand will give you the upper hand at the loan counter and make better decisions.


How to Take Great Photos with a Phone!

Taking great photos of items for sale in your pawnshop to post online has never been easier! But don’t snap so quickly! There are some general rules to follow when taking photos to make sure your photo POPs! And to make sure that the product really shines! Taking a great photo will help products sell faster and give your shop a more professional look.