Pawnshop Academy 101

Ready to jumpstart your new hires or get your current employees the training they need to be successful in the ever changing Pawn Industry? Pawnshop 101 will get your employees acquainted with understanding their new role in the pawn business, get the history behind the pawn business, and give them some healthy work habits to follow that will make you a successful Pawn Specialist.

Pawnshop Academy 201

The 201 course expands upon the fundamentals of what was taught in the 101 course. We give your Pawn Specialists the edge at the loan counter and explains more of the ‘why’ of what was taught in the fundamentals. Giving your employees a clear understanding of why they do what they do. Once your employees have the why, they will be more effective at explaining programs, loans, and options to customers. Making them better offer solutions for you customers while they increase your bottom line and make better loan decisions.

Now You Now – Product Knowledge Training

Product training is one of the most important and biggest challenges Pawnshops face. The world of products and their trends are ever changing in today’s light-speed paced. We are continually developing new videos with that act as a resource for you employees to get to understand these products better. Making them more effective at the loan counter.