First Aid Kit Essentials

When it comes to your shop, there’s nothing worse when an employee, or customer, is injured. Although we don’t want things like this to happen, we here at Pawnshop Academy do want you to be prepared for them. It is essential to have a First Aid Kit filled with the appropriate materials and tools to […]

Injury Prevention

Today we’re covering injury prevention. The cost can be high if an employee, store director, or worse, a customer is injured in your pawn shop. Yes, medical bills but also ​the loss of productivity, the time lost on the paperwork, and the low morale. Although we can’t stop injuries from ever happening, we can show […]

Basic Safety Guidelines In Any Retail Store

            If you are a store owner you need to make sure that your store is fully functional so your customers will be happy and satisfied. You need to make sure that your workplace is safe and that is the key of good business. No one wants some unpredictable things […]