Injury Prevention

Today we’re covering injury prevention. The cost can be high if an employee, store director, or worse, a customer is injured in your pawn shop. Yes, medical bills but also ​the loss of productivity, the time lost on the paperwork, and the low morale.

Although we can’t stop injuries from ever happening, we can show you some best practices and things to consider when you’re trying to prevent injuries in your pawnshop.


Lift As A Team

Overexertion Injuries caused by lifting, pulling, pushing, carrying or throwing are the most common in a pawnshops. Makes sense. Plenty of items come into the stores that are big, and heavy.

When you encounter one of these big and heavy items, DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP. Your pawnshop team is there to give a hand. Not only is it good practice for injury prevention but also helps prevent product damage.

Remember that we are pawnbrokers, not Hercules.


No Speeding

We can all become a bit careless during the day when customers are lining up and the phone is ringing off the hook. It can get you frazzled.

Remember to take a breath, and solve one problem at a time. When you rush, or multi-task, you run the chance of errors that can lead to injuries. Not to mention time consuming mistakes that would take more time to fix than the time it would take to get it right the first time.

During these hectic days, you may even feel the need to literally run around the store to get this madness in order Once again, take a breath, and DON’T RUN. You can get yourself, or worse, a customer injured. Leave the speed demon for the Fast and Furious movies.


Be Aware Of The Weather

Typically habits are frowned upon, but a good habit to have is to check the weather. See what kind of day it’s going to be. Whether it’s a sunny day or a chance of Sharknado, being ahead of the weather is being ahead of the game. Know when you’re gonna need that Wet Floor sign and water bucket ready to go.

Incorporate these things into your workday and you’ll be preventing injuries like a pawnshop champ. Until next time, pawn on, pawnbroker-

– Pawnshop Academy