First Aid Kit Essentials

When it comes to your shop, there’s nothing worse when an employee, or customer, is injured. Although we don’t want things like this to happen, we here at Pawnshop Academy do want you to be prepared for them. It is essential to have a First Aid Kit filled with the appropriate materials and tools to provide a safe and clean patch up for injuries.

Having a First Aid Kit is important, but more importantly, is having one that is stocked adequately. We compiled a list of essentials for your First Aid Kit.

  • –  A variety of sizes of adhesive bandages
  • –  Sterile gauze pads and cloth adhesive to secure it
  • –  Latex-free disposable gloves
  • –  Tweezers
  • –  Digital Thermometer
  • –  Antibiotic cream
  • –  Topical antihistamines and aspirin
  • –  A face maskNow that you have your First Aid Kit stocked and ready to go, It’s best practice to place

the kit in a spot that is easy to see and retrieve. Always point out the location of the First Aid Kit to new employees.

Trust me, I know this all sounds like “A Given” but convenience and complacency are key factors working against all of us. Here at Pawnshop Academy, we promote being prepared and sometimes that requires going back to the basics for a refresher.

Until next time, pawn on!

– Pawnshop Academy