Reading Pain Scales

The problem with injuries is you can’t always tell how serious they are. Even physicians, nurses, and therapists have trouble assessing someone’s severity of injury. Until we have a handheld medical scanner that can single out what’s wrong, we’re just gonna have to go old school. Yes, a pain chart. Not the most sophisticated way […]

What To Do When Injured

No matter what business you’re in, employee or owner, safety is always an issue. Even with guidelines, rules, and regulations, it is impossible to negate injuries. All of these rules are designed to keep you and your team safe at work and prevent injuries from occurring but in the off chance that an injury should […]

Basic Safety Guidelines In Any Retail Store

            If you are a store owner you need to make sure that your store is fully functional so your customers will be happy and satisfied. You need to make sure that your workplace is safe and that is the key of good business. No one wants some unpredictable things […]

Loss Prevention in a Retail Store

Do you wish that you and your retail store could enjoy better profits with happy dedicated employees who had contributed to the consistent sales performance?   Due to its consistency and dedication has avoided any loss or theft, which shows the true position of the retail business. Loss in the retail industry is a menace […]